Quentin Caron is an artist, award-winning art director, and designer of outdoor places and visitor experiences.

In his ‘Renaissance-style’ studio his creative energy extends from drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture to making maquettes for his work associated with themed and emulative environments. His experience in Alberta as a rockwork artist led him to work for many years among teams of artists building environments for zoos, aquariums, living museums and attractions throughout the world. He is currently Art Director for Universal Creative, and Partner at Coyle & Caron Landscape Architecture.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Quentin was part of a talented group of artists at the Alberta College of Art and Design (then, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). After showing in Alberta galleries and teaching art at the university level, Quentin moved to New York City to study art at Columbia University School of the Arts where he graduated with an MFA in painting and printmaking. His works can be found in private, commercial and public collections.

Each body of work showcases Quentin’s love of color. He spent years teaching color theory; his paintings, drawings and human figure works share the same joyful use of color and instinct for surprising contrasts. If you look closely, you will also see elements of his sculpture and rockwork in some of his 2D works. Growing up in the Canadian Rockies had tremendous influence, and it is inevitable that those geological textures would be incorporated into his work.

His recent studio works are titled Songs: each is an abstract, playful, and surreal contemporary painting or drawing.  Quentin has always constructed his works as poems, but in this evolution, they have become so visually lyrical as to be more like songs, with a balance of elements building toward an emotional whole.


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